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    The mask filter is essential to the protection. When you breathe through the Lite Air Mask, air passes through five important layers of filter media before it reaches your lungs.

    On average our filters last for 100 hours of usage but we advise changing the filter every second week for hygienic reasons. Each air filter media layer has different properties to filter particles of different sizes.

    • Outside PP layer
    • Active Carbon Layer
    • 1st Electro Charged Layer
    • 2nd Electro Charged Layer
    • Inside PP Layer

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    Yves Saint Laurent


    Navy, Dark Blue, Pink, Black, Beige


    XS, XL, M, L, S

    Reviews (5)

    1. For someone who is into style and comfort. This is the mask to go with. I was disappointed to hear that I can’t use my urban air 2.0 mask at disney parks, universal studios parks and movie theaters due to the valve. I got to say the valve stopper is a waste. Those establishments still view those caps as valves. So don’t waste your time. Buy the airnum lite masks. You won’t be questioned. You’ll only get head turns and compliments


    2. Well-designed packaging but, perfect size for me but liner seemed a bit bigger than washable outer mask.


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